Communication and coordination in the Human Metagenome field

To promote the necessary international cooperation and coordination MetaHIT took an active role in the establishment and functioning of the International Human Microbiome Consortium (IHMC). The MetaHIT coordinator served as a co-chair of the IHMC and several partners participated in the IHMC working groups, related to genome sequencing of the gut bacterial strains, and the controlled release of the clinical data.

MetaHIT organized the First International Conference on Human Metagenomics. The Conference took place on March 1-3 in Shen Zhen, China, the home town of the MetaHIT partner BGI. It gathered over 200 participants from 23 countries, representing large Human Microbiome-related projects over the four continents.

MetaHIT on Web 2.0

Information of the general public about the field, the project and its achievements, is high on the MetaHIT list of priorities. One of the privileged ways is its Web site.

MetaHIT is now also present on 2.0 platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, thus enabling real-time updates accessible through popular media. We also opened a dashboard on Netvibes gathering Human Microbiome live news. This is the first known effort in centralization of information in that specific field on the internet. With the creation of a channel on Youtube, MetaHIT gathered also videos on the human microbiome and related subjects.

MetaHIT and traditional media

Communication with newspapers, magazines, radio, and television has been pursued attentively. MetaHIT attracted attention of the major media at the release of the Nature cover publication in March, a collection of articles is accessible on our website.

The MetaHIT project was chosen to be part of the European COMED project. Several partners took part in the production of a 8-minute movie, highlighting our research by focusing on the Crohn’s Disease studies.